Friday Five 7/7/17

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What a week it has been! Have you been productive this week?? I was not at alllllll early on because of the holiday but I am proud of how I kicked it into high gear on Wednesday and Thursday. Who’s excited for another weekend?! Start it off with today’s Friday Five.

1) My Eye Makeup

I’ve been asked what I do on a day to day basis for eye makeup, so here are the mascaras, eyelash curler, and eyeshadows I use, along with my favorite falsies. I don’t wear eyeliner too often!

2) Stuff With Ties

I really wish I had a better name for this category, but stuff with ties is hot right now. Call them tassels, call them bows, call them laces. Potato, potato (read the second as poh-tah-to). It’s cute, we all love it, so here it is.

3) The Return of the Maxi Dress

Maxis are making a comeback! Honestly they’re super underrated for the dog days of summer. If you get a light and airy maxi, you will deal with the heat waaaay better than someone in denim shorts. Here are some of my favorites right now!

4) My YouTube Channel

I recently started a YouTube channel and would love for yall to subscribe and watch my videos! Find it here 🙂


Today is my dog Sadie’s 10th birthday!!!!! 7/7/07 is her birthday, kind of cool, right?!?! She is old and I am in denial but here are a ton of pictures of her because she’s the cutest. If you agree, feel free to comment below. If you don’t, you are wrong. Kidding, kind of, not really 🙂

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