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I love this time of year, but I don’t love the outrageous amount of money I normally spend on gifting for people in my life. Whether you’re in school, fresh out of college like I am, saving up for a big purchase down the road, or just trying to limit your spending, the holidays can be tough on your wallet! You’re expected to buy gifts for family, friends, neighbors, teachers… the list can go on and on. You want to remind these special people how loved and appreciated they are with a gift, but you can’t afford nice, store-bought gifts for everyone. I’m right there with you, and here are some suggestions of gifts that are cheap and cost next-to-nothing for you to make.

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Coupon book

Yes, these are cliche and somewhat childish, but they capture something that you cannot buy at a store: the gift of TIME. Give your best girl a book of “girls night” options, redeemable for when she needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to dance the night away with, or give your mom coupons for breakfast in bed, a mani pedi or a coffee date. These coupon books also give you time to save a little more cash for the activities you include in your book!


Cookie tin

Bake up some super cute cookies, decorate them, and put them in a tin with a note. Bam, done! This kind of gift works well for coworkers, friends, neighbors, etc. and you can give a lot of gifts with minimal effort. You also get to sneak a few cookies here and there in the process of making these up, so I call this one a win-win.


Legacy video

If you have an older relative or family friend, making a legacy video is a great present for family members! You basically record an interview with the person to preserve their memories and personality for future generations.


Framed picture

Graduate recently? Get a great picture taken of you by a friend? Your family will love seeing a great picture in a frame to remind them of you. Easy gift for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc.


Cocoa kit

Send a cocoa kit! Include a cheap cute mug, a hot cocoa packet and marshmallows. All set for a cold winter’s day!

gold mug


Care package

If you live far away from friends and family, send them a care package to remind them of you! Include your favorite items, snacks, and things you like to do together. If you miss sleepovers with your bestie, include nail polish and some face masks. If you’re miles away from siblings, throw in the movie you both love. You can go as minimal or big with this as you want (and as your budget allows!)


Drink set

Find a festive glass and throw in some shooters to give a cure to a long day! Buy a set of 4 and divide them up for multiple people.

holiday glasses



Simple and sweet! You can buy these babies in bulk and get a super sweet deal, I’m talking a dollar or two a piece. If you’re crafty, try to decorate one because the personal attention will mean a lot to whoever receives the ornament, but the store-bought ones are adorable too.


Bath bombs

Let your loved ones treat themselves with bath bombs! It ensures them a night of relaxation and serenity. Plus, they look super cute. This is great for people who have everything / you can’t find a gift for.

bath bombs


Hope this gives you some ideas for the last-minute gifts!


Have a great week xoxo



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  1. All great ideas — thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!

    Posted 12.12.16 Reply