Welcome to Vlogmas!

This year, I am super excited to be participating in Vlogmas!

If you haven’t heard of that before, Vlogmas is a YouTube creators event where you post a new Christmas-themed video on your channel from December 1 – 24. That means 24 videos coming your way!!! Make sure you’re subscribed by clicking here.

YouTube is something that I tried to focus on in 2018. I have grown frustrated with Instagram and feeling like for every step forward, I take two steps back. It’s really hard to let a third party app’s algorithm dictate your success and your income. Last year during the 2017 Nordstrom Sale, I posted two haul videos to YouTube. At the time, I had around 200 subscribers. I got 900 and 600 views, respectively, on those videos – 3-5x my following!!! On Instagram, it’s extremely hard to surpass your following in terms of engagement and impressions. This is when I knew that major growth and exposure was possible on YouTube.

I am now at around 900 subscribers, and though 700 may not seem like a lot for a full year, I have seen SO much growth on my channel.  I have a video that just hit 41k views and other videos that have done extremely well. Furthermore, I genuinely ENJOY video content!!! It’s a nice change of pace from my usual blog work.

My viral video ^


There will be a giveaway or two included as well 🙂

Vlogmas will start on my channel TOMORROW! Make sure you are subscribed so you don’t miss out!!!


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