What I’m Packing for New Orleans

My family leaves today for New Orleans, so I wanted to get this post up with the items I packed for our trip!

New Orleans is full of pastels, spring colors, and FUN! I tried to plan my color scheme with these in mind, embracing the olives of the greenery that’s actually alive down there as well as the bright pink painted homes.

Temperatures should range in the 70s so I made sure to bring a jean jacket and one pair of long pants just in case I get chilly!!

Packing for this trip is different, and easier, compared to other ones like NYFW. My main priority is to be comfortable, which is why I brought a lot of cotton and linen materials. There is also way less pressure to have a lot of extra clothes to change 3 times a day, thank goodness!

I’ll be sharing my outfits on my Instagram page, be sure you’re following along 🙂

See all my NOLA packing items:

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