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With the pandemic unfortunately still raging (wear your mask!) and us heading into the winter months, we will all be spending the vast majority of our time at home. Why buy someone a nice dress or a pair of heels when there really isn’t anywhere to wear them right now? I curated this list of comfy cozy gifts based on items I know I would love to receive and actually utilize.


my personal favorites:

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

This baby is the real deal. These normally are outrageously expensive (like during the N Sale) but always pop up around the holidays for just $49. I know, that still seems like a lot of money to drop on a blanket… but it’s worth it, especially with us heading into new stay-at-home orders.

Skims Set

I sort of impulsively bought a Skims set this spring, when it became apparent that I would be WFH and not leaving the house for a long while. I knew they were hyped up, and I had just gotten my *~*stimulus check*~* so I decided to pull the trigger. Let me just tell you – I have never regretted this purchase. I got a S/M in both the tank and the shorts!

Fresh Lip Balm Set

With cold weather comes heating and fireplaces, which means your skin and your lips will dry out. Chapped lips aren’t fun. These are my favorite lip balms, for both the texture and the quality (plus they’re clean!).

Anthropologie Holiday Mug

I think this mug is the cutest darn thing. I know mugs can be kind of a cop out gift, but I would love to open up a cute mug and add it into my rotation for coffee, tea and cocoa over the winter months, now more so than ever with the pandemic!!! If whomever you are shopping for is a serious caffeine drinker, then I think this is a great option. May be getting it for myself too 😉

Capri Blue Spiced Cider Candle

I know, another cop out gift, but most people I know genuinely do love burning candles, and we are spending way more time at home, which means we are going through those candles fairly quickly. This candle is not a cheap drugstore candle that barely burns and smells like nothing. It’s going to burn for 60-75 hours. It smells AMAZING. It’s high quality. You are giving hygge in a box when you gift someone this. We can all use some more hygge right now!

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