DIY kylie lip kit

Missed out on the newest Kylie lip kit restock? It seems like every time the site goes live, it either shuts down due to the number of users or the products are out of stock in mere seconds.

Or, if you’re me, you somehow order the precious lip kits you’ve been waiting to get your hands on for months, only to have the box delivered and stolen before you get home. Shout out to the human who did that. Karma is a real thing.

For my own sanity, and your benefit, after trying a friend’s lip kit, I have been on a mission to find the next best thing to Kylie’s coveted lip kits. I am proud to announce, I’ve done it, and spoiler alert: they may even be better.

Lip liner

I have never really understood the need for lip liner until I started wearing dark matte lipsticks. That stuff will smear all over your face if there isn’t liner to act as a levee and keep your skin dry and lipstick-free. The next problem I encountered was realizing I had to buy a liner for EVERY lipstick color I own. That is a lot of cash, y’all, and I was not about it. One day at Sephora, I was explaining my plight to my friend when a worker overheard me and said, “Have you ever tried invisible lip liner? It goes on clear and works with every color.”

“A Whole New World” started playing in my head as she handed me this immaculate product that I now adore. It’s a little pricier than other liners, but when you factor in the money you’re saving from not buying additional colored liners, it’s a bargain.

Get it here.


I am loving the whole “paint on” lipstick trend. It’s so much easier to get clean lines and vibrant color! Needless to say, I looked for a lipstick similar to Kylie’s. What I found is fantastic.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick = <3. They apply easily and stay on through most anything, such as eating, drinking, and applying chapstick (maybe that’s just a me thing, though). I have four colors and love love love each and every one of them! They’re $24 but last FOREVER. I got my first one in early January and use it nearly everyday. Guess what? Still halfway full.

Based on my research, here are the Stila colors that best compare to Kylie’s shades:

Carmello – Candy K

Dolce – Dolce K

Rosa – Koko K

Ricco – Kourt K

Fiery – Mary Jo K

Pantina – Posie K

Tesoro – 22

There isn’t a brown deep enough for True Brown K, but I’m sure you can find a similar lipstick at your local Sephora or Ulta.

Note: these are what looked best on me and my coloring, so if you have a different complexion, other colors may look more like Kylie’s lip kits than these!

Here’s to never obsessively clicking “refresh” on the Kylie Cosmetics website frantically waiting for a restock again!


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