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Are you like me and LOVE being the first in your friend group to discover something?? (I still claim I was the first of my friends to obsess over Adele in middle school.) You’re going to love NAVAGO, a marketplace that is dedicated to bringing awareness to 50+ mindful, indie, natural beauty and wellness companies. It’s got some of your favorites, like Olive + M, Kiss Me Honey, Revival, and Butter Babes, but so many more great brands that you’ll be so happy to discover!

NAVAGO sent me their Wellness Package because 2018 is allllll about treating yourself and taking time to breathe in the midst of chaos. Q1 is definitely shaping up to be chaos (the good kind though) and I SO needed this package!

The Wellness Package comes with 6 fantastic products that left me feeling extremely serene after testing:

  • Amoda Tea Golden Turmeric Ginger Tea ($31)
  • Herbal Heart Apothecary, Warrior Stick ($20)
  • Gabriel’s Light Holistic Health, Roll On’s ($23 each)
  • ECO. Aroma Essential Oil Roller Ball in Clarity & Focus Blend ($16.50 each)
  • Hip & Chick Organiks, Midnight Sun Soy Candle ($28)
  • Skinveda, Ayurvedic Body Sculpting Crème ($68)
Next up was the Warrior Stick from Herbal Heart Apothecary! This baby is a magic worker. It relieves aches, pains and bruising with wildcrafted and organic ingredients like Arnica, Calendula, Rosemary, Thyme, St. John’s Wort and Comfrey Leaf. It helped me with some bruises I got from a recent fall down an icy staircase!
The Gabriel’s Light Roll-On aids in detox and digestion, but I personally loved the way the spices in this smelled! Unlike other detox methods, this is 100% safe with natural ingredients, which I loved.
 The Clarity & Focus Blend of ECO. Aroma Essential Oils also smelled sooooo good, and I applied it before sitting down to write a blog post. I do feel it kept me more focused, which I was initially skeptical about! Will be using this baby a lot to keep me on track with my to-do lists 🙂
OKAY. This candle from Hip & Chicks Organic takes the title of BEST CANDLE EVER. I honestly thought nothing could replace the volcano candles in my heart, but I got the Midnight Sun scent and I am in love. It has a burn time of 45+ hours so I am a pretty happy camper. Candles are one of my usual methods of relaxation, but my game has been upped majorly!
Finally, I tried the Ayurvedic Body Sculpting Crème from Skinveda. This creme targets cellulite, which I am alllll for considering swimsuit season is fast approaching for me! I’ve only been using this a few days, so I can’t report on major cellulite changes, but I do see a smoothness to my skin – much appreciated!
There are other fun packages available from NAVAGO, as well as 50+ brands I know you’ll love. Check out their full product offerings at!

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  1. Thank you for sharing skinveda’s Ayurvedic body sculpting cream with your followers.

    Skinveda is based on the belief that: Our skin reflects a need for balance in our lives. By knowing our mind-body imbalances, we can take charge of our largest organ! Skinveda is Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Gluten-Free and based in Dallas, Texas.

    Posted 1.23.18

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