What to Watch This Summer + Nordstrom Gift Card Giveaway

If you’re like me, this summer means down time on planes or trains where you are left with nothing but your thoughts, a book and your streaming services. We already went over the best books to read this summer, and now we are tackling what to watch with your subscriptions!

Note: I tried to include newer / lesser known titles. Otherwise The Office, Mean Girls and the like would be on here.


TV Shows

Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, Netflix

I loved Anthony Bourdain because he taught me so much about other cultures and their histories in more entertaining ways than a textbook ever could. I have begun rewatching his latest series, Parts Unknown, after his passing, and I feel if more people watched his episodes, the world may be a different place.

Altered Carbon, Netflix

I watched this series within two days when it came out a few months ago. It’s sci-fi, sure, but not in a “too weird for me to follow” way. I loved how the plot kept moving and was unpredictable!

The Handmaid’s Tale, Hulu

I love this show. The season finale aired last week, and there’s no better time to watch both seasons in their entireties. It’s heavy at times, but so so so worth the watch. Sure makes you think about what’s going on in our world.

Westworld, HBO

Similarly, this show concludes its second season tonight, and I think because all your friends have been talking about it and telling you to watch it, you might as well hop on the bandwagon. Hold on past the first episode. It gets reallllllly good. All the great aspects of Game of Thrones minus the Medieval gory murdering + incest and instead waging war in cowboy hats.

Queer Eye, Netflix

I cry when I watch this show. Season 2, Episode 1 is one of the most important things I have watched in the past year. If you have ever wondered how the LGBTQ community and Christianity can exist with one another, this episode alone is a must-watch <3

The Looming Tower, Hulu

Based on a true story, this short series shows the mistakes the US made leading up to 9/11. It taught me a great deal about the context of that day, since I was in second grade when it happened and therefore never was taught about it in school. Big name actors and an unfortunately dramatic storyline make this a great watch.

Dynasty, Netflix

Gossip Girl meets Days of Our Lives in this 80s soap remake. I am addicted and cannot stop watching! Seeing so many girl bosses running the shots along with the guys is refreshing, especially in this genre.

Queen of the South, Netflix

After her boyfriend is murdered, a woman has to escape Mexico and the cartel by traveling to the US. It moves fast and is full of revenge, which makes for great TV.


Documentaries or Docu-Series

The Staircase, Netflix

I still can’t decide if he did it. Or did an owl do it? This murder mystery will keep you glued to your screen.

I Am Evidence, HBO

I love SVU and this is Margita Hargitay at her best. She’s addressing the issue of rape kits going untested and just how hard those kinds of crimes are when humans themselves are the evidence.

Wild Wild Country, Netflix

A cult packed up and moved to Oregon. Craziness ensued. People went to prison. It’s a weird story but what’s weirder to me is that this all happened in the US just 30 years ago?????

Cartel Land, Netflix

I learned a lot about just how crazy the government in Mexico is and why people want to leave so badly between the corruption and the cartels. Very sad stuff, but very informative and interesting as well.



Lady Bird, Prime Video

I had wanted to see this after all the award nominations and it didn’t disappoint. A nice take on the classic coming of age tale. Saoirse Ronan is incredible as always.

I, Tonya, Hulu

I wanted to see this one because of the nominations as well. This drama played out when I was a few months old, so it was interesting to hear about it all from the beginning. Also, Margot Robbie.

Set It Up, Netflix

Perhaps the best rom com I’ve seen in a while. So modern and up-to-date, as well as enjoyable.

Coco, Netflix

I cried. Disney-Pixar movies always get to me. Cute story, cute songs, cute everything. I also really appreciate the positive representation of Mexican people + culture since that is rarely talked about nowadays with all the immigration BS.


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  3. Ellaine wrote:

    I’d like to give Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and set it up a try. I just finished on Money Heist and I loved it! Hope you try it and let me know if it suits your taste as well haha! Great share!!! 🙂

    Ellaine | In Betweens

    Posted 6.24.18 Reply