What I’m Thankful For This Year

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I wanted to take the chance to reflect on what I truly am thankful for this year. My post last year really resonated with you because I got a bit more personal and raw. I hope that this can reflect that same authenticity and shed a…

Santa Baby: Gifts for Him

Enough gifts for the gals in your life… what about the boys? They’re the hardest to buy for, mainly because they don’t exactly know what they want to receive. After polling 8 guys, I rounded up the gifts that men want to open up this Christmas!

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Staying Safe When Going Out

As a freshman in college, I had to take an electronic course on alcohol. It was required by Purdue to help ease the transition into college and prevent alcohol-related incidents. As you can imagine, it turned into a long-running joke amongst my classmates. It really had good intentions, but the…

Merry & Bright: Gifts for the Glam Girl

So far, we have covered the best gifts for the homebody and for the traveler (I consider myself to fit into both those categories and can confirm that they’ll LOVE em). Today, we are talking gifts for the glam girl in your life!

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I’ll Be Home for Christmas: Gifts for the Traveler

Can you believe there are only 42 days until Christmas?! I just took a look at my calendar, and realized I will be traveling a LOT before then. Saint Louis, Chicago, New York City… All in between Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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Midi Skirts for Thanksgiving

Time for Thanksgiving Look 2! Note: Right before this shoot, I fell and cut both my knees. I apologize for the scab in the first photo (LOL) 

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