A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas

I had really high hopes for this novella. I knew it would be short, I knew it wouldn’t advance the plot, but I was fully invested in this fictional world by now and thought it would be a fun read.

It was indeed short. It barely advanced the plot. I consider parts of it fun, but a lot of it was “meh”.

Don’t even think about reading this novella if you haven’t first read the ACOTAR novels!!! It will make 0 sense to you and more importantly to me, it will ruin the beautiful experience of reading ACOMAF for the first time.


War is over, everyone is happy in Velaris, and life is getting figured out! Except it’s not! Nesta is depressed and falling deeper into herself and seemingly no one cares?

I loved the descriptions of Velaris getting ready for the winter holiday and have a whole Spotify playlist based off of it.

I love Feyre’s heart for others and wanting to help out children through art. Great idea. Love this for you. Where is this heart when it comes to your sister, though??? I really don’t see how she can’t be more empathetic?

Rhys also doesn’t really do much to help out his sister-in-law? Only Amren and Cassian seem to care about her well-being, and only Amren is ultimately successful at breaking down Nesta’s walls.

Elain and Lucien are mates, apparently, but I ship her with Azriel?? Can you have two mates? Is there some way the Elain/Lucien thing isn’t a real mate bond? So many questions!

I also think after seeing Lucien’s involvement in this novella that he will play a larger role in book 4, especially knowing who his true father is from book 3. Will be become High Lord of the Day Court if Helion falls?? Another ally for the IC?

More questions!

But the most important one to me…


I really could go on and on. This was supposed to provide us with more info, but I feel like I am even more confused on where things stand going forward now. Although, again, the Velaris descriptions were perfect. I wish that was real! I picture it as this Pinterest-famous village in Switzerland.


  • fluff and happiness which they deserve after the war and tragedy
  • depictions of Velaris
  • snowball fight was cute
  • IC is all getting along
  • Feysand is having a baby even if the way we were informed was… odd


  • how everyone, especially Feyre, is treating Nesta? minus Amren
  • Cassian threw Nesta’s present in the Sidra 🙁
  • no Suriel
  • we know more sh*t is about to go down in book 4 and that scares me for the characters but also me as an emotionally invested reader

This is like a 2.5/5 for me.. I liked most of it, but I guess more than anything, I dislike that it’s a novella, as it felt dull at times. Still a necessary read if you’re going to read book 4 and onward.


1: A Court of Thorns and Roses

2: A Court of Mist and Fury

3: A Court of Wings and Ruin

Novella: A Court of Frost and Starlight

4: A Court of Silver Flames

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