Why I Stepped Away & Why I’m Back

I logged on my blog today, July 1, for the first time in a month. My last published post was on May 29. May 29 is also when I heard of George Floyd’s murder for the first time.

When I saw the video on Twitter, I couldn’t believe it has taken me days to learn about it. A cashier think a $20 bill is fake, and somehow the cops are called and the customer ends up dead. It’s not that I thought racism was over. I have a Latina sister, have lived in Chicago and spent a great deal of my childhood in the Deep South – racism is unfortunately alive and well. I just couldn’t comprehend how even with a video documenting every horrifying movement and minute, people were still willing to defend George Floyd’s murder. There was no reasonable doubt possible. We watched as he died. And yet, for some, it was justified.

Posting my regularly scheduled content was not only the wrong thing to do but it was impossible for me to do. What’s happened and what is still happening in this country and the world is more important than me, my job, even my lifetime. This will be written in history books and studied for centuries to come.

I participated in the #AmplifyMelanatedVoices movement and took a week off of posting my own content on Instagram. I’ve tried to weave information on Black Lives Matter and other social issues into my regular Instagram content because as many have said, this is not a moment, it is a movement. It’s not political because it’s a human rights issue. I’m not discussing the tax brackets with you!! Additionally – Jesus would be marching in the streets, crying out for justice, working to make a change for His people. I am called do the same.

During the first week of June, I decided to take the entire month off from publishing on my blog to reconsider how to use this platform going forward. On Instagram, I’m able to re-share helpful graphics articles etc. from those very qualified and educated on Black Lives Matter and surrounding topics. My blog is all me and my voice. I am a white girl from the Midwest who grow up in an affluent area and attended a prestigious university. I have enormous amounts of privilege. I did not want to make anything about ME. I chose to listen and take time to see how I could use my privilege to be actively anti-racist and create a space for everyone.

Here are my commitments to you:

Styling Challenges

In the past, I participated and styling challenges with some bloggers. The idea is that we all take one piece and style it different ways. I’ve never been the one to organize them, but have failed to ensure that these groups are diverse. I’m committing to at least one styling challenge a week with a group of diverse women, both in race and size.

Brand Collaborations

I have failed to ensure that all campaigns that I participate in are diverse. Some campaigns provide a list of all the bloggers/creators participating and I’m able to check that way, but when brands do not provide this list I have not pushed to learn this information myself. Going forward, I will be asking brands and PR companies to give me a list of the participating blogger/creators to ensure there is BIPOC representation.

Book Club

I will ensure that the books we read are written by authors of all different backgrounds, featuring diverse characters in fiction novels or information to help us be better informed in non-fiction. The July read will be “Me and White Supremacy” by Layla Saad.

Continued Learning

Being actively anti-racist is a lifelong commitment. There’s still so much I need to learn and work that I need to do. I promise to continue to educate myself and to hold my friends and family accountable to do the same. Please hold me accountable, too.

Love you all!

hi! my name is Caitlin, and I am a Midwest twenty-something, agency owner, thrifting pro and blogger who shares outfits, wellness, good books and so much more. I am so glad you are here - welcome to my corner of the internet!

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